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RIP Nameda
Hello Everyone,
It is with a heavy heart today that I announce the passing of our dear friend and fellow deviant artist Nameda. Sources close to Natasha revealed that she "left this world" sometime this spring. No one on DA had heard from her after April and concern was growing as she had been very ill for quite some time. our prayers go out to her husband and young daughter.
Natasha was a well respected senior member who put nine years worth of passion and dedication into her DA career. She was a brilliant nature photographer and she encouraged so many people to take their art to the next level and be the best they could possibly be.  She was also well known as the founder of AWW and loved to give credit to those who make our community a better place. 
The staff at AWW would like to do a tribute to honor her and we would love it if you could share any memories of Natasha that you might have. It can be something regarding who she was as a person, or even something about
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On Jan. 27th my friend called. Her daughter who was going to mandatory Rehabilitation. Unfortunately the only person who could drive her was her crazy boyfriend. Now remember she is 31 and he is 27. Do you really have to be told not to visit anyone because there are warrants out for you? Well my friend told that guy to stay away from family. Of course no one listened. Well maybe the 2 year old, but she is really smart. So he obviously was not going to make it home in time to take care of the other kids.

Me? I am still not well and going through tests. I lose energy so fast and can be down for days. So it was not until the 7th time it was mentioned, I said I would help. phluph was kind enough to drive me. I said I could only stay one day. I also was going to make some kind of chicken for dinner.

Imagine my surprise to find the oldest (12) had gotten the flu plus cold. I decided to break up my stock to make him soup and made pulled chicken and gravy with veggies for the rest. To say that this was going to be a long night was an understatement.

I will leave out some of the icky details, but I did try my best. I had brought over Zombieland and thought it would be fun to watch. Imagine my surprise when the 9 year old started giving the jokes away. Grams would have sent him to his room. I paused and told him to cut it out. I was not spoiling the movie and I had seen it before.

Because I did not want to hear the fighting about taking their 90 pound puppy out, I took care of him. I went out one time and told the kids to please sit on the couch. I was tired and really was not up to disciplining. When I got outside I could hear them screaming. I ran into the house and let them giggle. These kids are yelled at constantly by their mother. The one going to Rehab. Then they are waving to me out the window while I take care of the dog.

Finally the night is over. The 12 year old informs me he will get the kids up for school. I told him to rest but he thinks he outranks me, so he was going to get them up. I send the others off with hugs and kisses and try to relax for the night.

I got up a few times to check on them and all was well for the rest of the night. I did not sleep well, but I probably got a couple hours. You know 6:00 in the morning comes really early. They boy got up and told me he was going back to bed. Meaning that if I had not gotten up the 8 and 9 year olds would get ready for school by themselves. This is how the mom conditioned them. She never in the year she was there got up with these kids.

Now I know that I do not have a microwave, but I know that you are supposed to put things on a plate. Sometimes I heard you cover it for splatter. These kids were using a brand new microwave. They just put the food inside, with nothing underneath. I corrected them, then not to send them off cranky I sang some songs.

By the time I made it back to bed, the boy was still coughing. So being a good Aunt I gave him cough medicine and told him he should not have gotten up. That is why I am the adult, to take care of these things. Instead of relying on a little boy.

Later he got up and microwaved the same thing his siblings did. He put it on a plate after. But now Grams is home and she has very little pity. So the boy left his food. I put the plate in the oven so the dog would not eat. What we did not know was the dog already ate the top muffin. So being sick he was mad at the adults and kicked the dog. Later I got him to eat my chicken soup. He said it was delicious.

A couple hours later I got a text from their mom criticizing me. Telling me about my house ain't clean and she is cleaning her closets out now. I had to quit picking on her sick son. The one she cannot take care of because he is sick and so is she obviously. She also wrote she's growing up now and not waiting 40 years like I did.

I wrote her back about the soup and how I was up with him. That I cancelled my plans to help. Also the 30th of Jan. was my Dad's birthday and I did not want to hear her crap. It was also mentioned we were talking behind her back about the two of them. I was not doing that, I just agreed with their stupidity. That is what happens when you listen to a sick 12 year old who feels picked on. I ended the text with leave me the Hell alone and she's welcome that I was available. Last sentence, Do not text me again. Then I blocked her.

Forty years ago I was 16 and more mature than this person. I have not told you the stories about her kids coming up to me to say, "You know mom hates you." Yeah I know the texts she wrote me were usually pure evil. Plus yelling at me, "Come on bitch, I will kick your ass," was a good clue.

I finally got home and crumbled. I just wanted to be alone on this day. Then again when you give yourself the nickname Princess, I guess you star to believe. My friend does have help for right now. People are getting up with the kids and feeding them. The yelling is almost gone. I hope this works out well for my friend.

After Princess gets out of rehab, we will find out where she's going to live. I am pretty sure it will not be back to her other kids. She has 2 more so I wish them the best. As for me, I am still waiting for help in cleaning out my house.
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:llama: “I was once a tree house.  I lived in a cake, but I never saw the way the orange slayed the rake.  I was only three years dead, but it told a tale, and now listen, little child to the safety rail.”



Dygyt-Alice Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for sharing your tale. I was going to tell you the Llama I sent you has an imaginary friend named Bella. I bet you already knew that now.
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